our focus in 2023


a Life of Discipleship and Service

In 2023, our sermon focus was centered around the theme "Unlock." Guided by Acts 2:42, we dedicated ourselves to deepening our understanding of Jesus' teachings and exploring the fundamental principles of Christianity. This journey was not just about personal spiritual growth; it also involved mentoring others to emerge as leaders in faith. Collectively, we worked towards strengthening our relationship with God and aimed to create a significant impact in the world.

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In this 11-week series on the book of James, we will delve into its profound teachings, calling each of us to live our faith both authentically and boldly. Through insightful exploration, we aim to put these teachings into practical application, challenging us all to take meaningful action in our spiritual lives.

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In this series, we'll delve into the Bible's transformative power for understanding God and guiding our lives. Aimed at fostering spiritual growth and clarity, the series offers key insights for a life of discipleship and service.

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In this 4-part series, we'll explore the transformative aspects of prayer, covering foundational principles to the audacious idea of 'unreasonable' prayers. Designed to deepen your spiritual connection, the series is essential for anyone seeking to enrich their prayer life.

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As we explore Timothy's life and how his mentorship with Paul helped him unlock a stronger Christian faith, we'll also discover how we can apply his experiences to our own spiritual growth. We'll cover practical topics like finding a mentor, being a mentor, and how to stay accountable in our walk with Christ.

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Discover the Many Faces of God.
Explore the question of who God is, what He is, and where He is through 9 weeks of in-depth teachings. As disciples of the Lord, it is crucial that we understand the different attributes of God. Deepening our knowledge of who He is not only strengthens our relationship with Him, but also equips us to provide answers to those around us. Don't miss this opportunity to grow in your faith and deepen your understanding of the one true God.

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Fill your life with the Spirit!
This 4-week series will dive into the topic of the Holy Spirit and how it applies to our daily lives. Learn about what a Spirit-filled life looks like, how it helps us understand God's word, and provides direction in our journey.

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Welcome to our 2023 focus, "Unlock," where we will be focusing on Acts 2:42 and exploring what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. This year, we will delve into topics such as studying the Bible, understanding the role of the Holy Spirit, and learning about the attributes of God. We will also explore the letters to Timothy and the book of Titus, examining the importance of cross-generational mentorship and evangelism.

Our vision is to compellingly communicate to everyone whom God provides us the opportunity to serve, the all-absolute sufficiency of Jesus Christ who meets our every need.

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Where Faith Meets Family

New Hope Community Church is a thriving Christian Church located in Clovis, California, serving as a spiritual home for all those in search of faith and fellowship. As a smaller church, we enjoy our close-knit community, dynamic worship, and commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ. From Bible studies to youth programs and community outreach, New Hope extends a warm welcome to anyone searching for a local Bible-based church.


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