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Moving Forward

The Vision

At New Hope, we've always prioritized staying debt-free. But sometimes, a promising opportunity calls for change. Our recent acquisition on Marion Avenue exemplifies this. We've undertaken necessary refurbishments and proudly welcomed Orange Lamb Ministries as our new tenant.

This exciting purchase has not only secured space for our future growth but also signifies our commitment to the community. However, the 15-year $388,800 loan accompanying this acquisition challenges us to maintain our tradition of being debt-free. We're determined, but we need your help.


15-Year, $388,000 Loan

Thanks to our renters from Orange Lamb Ministries, we have monthly rent flowing in, significantly assisting us with our monthly repayments.
And, thanks to our dedicated community, pledges are already making a substantial difference.


Monthly Loan Payment


Rent Received Monthly


Pledge Monthly

every contribution a big impact

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Our monthly tithes and offerings are invaluable, ensuring the smooth functioning of our ministries at New Hope. Yet, this new mission requires something extra.

To pay off our loan in 7, 5, or 3 years, additional pledges are essential. Imagine the difference a monthly pledge of $50, $100, or $250 can make.


2032 Payoff: NO Additional Pledges

Staying the current course, with our existing pledges and rents, New Hope's journey to being debt-free will span 9.5 years.

2030 payoff: +$1,244 in new pledges

By collectively adding an additional $1,244 each month, we can significantly cut our loan duration, achieving total repayment in just 7 years.

2028 Payoff: + $3,044 IN NEW PLEDGES

Raising our monthly contributions by $3,044 propels us to clear our debt in half the time, marking financial freedom in a mere 5 years.

2026 payoff: +$7,744 in new pledges

A bold step forward, an extra $7,744 per month ensures New Hope stands debt-free in an impressive 3 years, re-establishing our long-held tradition faster than ever.

Make a new pledge

Every contribution fortifies New Hope's legacy and drives our mission on Marion Avenue. Thank you for being a pivotal part of our next chapter.

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