Opportunities to Serve

Explore a wide array of service opportunities within our church, both locally and internationally, to embody our mission as a faith community. Engage in acts of compassion and support that resonate with our global and local commitments to spreading hope and faith.

Serve Your Church

New Hope provides opportunities for you to serve and strengthen our local church community. Join us in making a meaningful impact within our congregation, demonstrating our faith through active participation and support.

Sunday Mornings

Worship Team

We're on the hunt for musicians and singers to boost our worship team. Lend your voice or play your instrument, and help us uplift our Sunday Morning worship.

We're currently seeking bass guitarists to add depth and richness to our worship team's sound.

Acoustic and lead guitar players are needed to broaden our musical team and enhance our worship experience.

Singers with a passion for worship are invited to join our team.

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Sunday Mornings

Sunday School Teachers

Experience the joy of shaping young minds and fostering faith by volunteering for our vibrant Sunday School every Sunday morning.

As little as 1-Sunday a month committment. 

Sunday School during our 9:30 and 11:00 services.

Comprehensive lesson plans provided for you.


Serve Your Community

We offer various opportunities to engage with local organizations. This partnership enables the members of our community to actively serve and contribute to the spiritual growth of our local communities.

Sovereign Ministries

Lend a helping hand at Sovereign Ministries, our local ministry that provides crucial support to the Calwa community. As a volunteer, you will be directly contributing to the fight against hunger by preparing and delivering essential food aid and compassionate care to our neighbors in need.

Pack & Prep Food: 2nd or 4th Tuesday of the month at New Hope. Usually between 9 and 11am.

Food Distribution: 2nd or 4th Wednesdays in Calwa.

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Sunday Mornings

Trail Life & American Heritage Girls

Join our church's vibrant community in nurturing the next generation through our Trail Life and American Heritage Girls programs. Embrace this fulfilling opportunity to mentor and inspire youth in a faith-based environment, fostering their growth in character, leadership, and adventure. Your volunteering can make a lasting impact on these young lives, guiding them towards a path of positive development and spiritual enrichment. Come be a part of this rewarding journey!

Twice a Month: 1st & 3rd Tuesday Evenings from 6:30-8:00 pm


Explore other Opportunities

Contact our church office, where we'd be happy to discuss additional opportunities to serve and connect within our community. We're certain we can find a meaningful way for you to contribute to our mission.

Our vision is to compellingly communicate to everyone whom God provides us the opportunity to serve, the all-absolute sufficiency of Jesus Christ who meets our every need.

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Where Faith Meets Family

New Hope Community Church is a thriving Christian Church located in Clovis, California, serving as a spiritual home for all those in search of faith and fellowship. As a smaller church, we enjoy our close-knit community, dynamic worship, and commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ. From Bible studies to youth programs and community outreach, New Hope extends a warm welcome to anyone searching for a local Bible-based church.


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