Where Faith Meets Family
<i>Where Faith</i> <i>Meets Family</i>

Where Faith Meets Family

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Jacqui is graduating Salutatorian from Clovis High School. While at Clovis High, she was involved in Peer Counseling, Tennis and FCA. She earned Advanced Studies Scholar of Distinction, CSF Lifetime member, National Honor Society, California State Seal of Biliteracy, and many more awards. Not only is Jacqui a smarty pants and incredibly hardworking,  she has a huge heart to serve others, which was evident if you ever had the chance to serve with her in Mexico. She joined New Hope in Jr. High and quickly, sign-up for every event she could. Jacqui was baptized during a mission trip in San Quintin, Mexico by her mom who also baptized just moments before.  She served  on the Student Leadership Team and sang on the Student Worship team. Jacqui will be attending the United States Air Force Academy with hopes to become a pilot. We are so proud of you! 
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Ronnie is graduating from Buchanan High School. While at Buchanan, Ronnie was involved in Cross country and Track n’ Field. He is very good in fact, but would never know because of his humble heart. Ronnie has received the Bear Award for cross country and Track scholarship from Fresno State where he is planning on attending in the Fall. Ronnie loves fishing and hunting and would often show up to Monday night youth group with his best pal and fishing poles in tow. He’d often volunteer to speak for his small group and would always be willing to go along with the shenanigans of his leaders. Ronnie plans to major in Ag Business and to run his own farm or ranch. Way to Go, Ronnie! 
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Emily is graduating from Clovis East High School and is the youngest of 3 girls. While at Clovis East, Emily was involved in band. She learned to play the trumpet in 5th grade and has been playing ever since. She has also picked up a few more instruments since then too. Emily started attending New Hope in Jr. High and enjoys singing on the Student Worship Team. She also enjoys camping, and riding quads with her family.  Emily will be going to Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana where she will study Psychology. Emily hopes to one day work with law enforcement as a public health and safety therapist. We’re so proud of you!
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Congratulations to Blake Hecker! Graduating Class of 2020 Ponderosa High School, Cameron Park CA. Blake started school in Gresham Oregon where he was born and raised until he was in 5th grade. He started at a private christian preschool and remained at Mt Hood Christian up to 1st grade. Blake then went to Good Shepherd until we moved to Clovis in 2012, where he attended Dry Creek Elementary. Blake's early years of faith based learning enticed his relationship with God. One year in class Blake was asked what does Christmas mean to you? All the kids said, "presents", and Blake being Blake said, " you guys are all wrong its Jesus birthday". While at Dry Creek Blake decided to take on the trumpet in which he discovered a love for music. After Dry Creek Blake went on to Alta Sierra Middle school and started attending the Jr high youth group at New Hope. Blake knew right away he found his people. He met such wonderful and amazing friends whom he still has close relationships with to this day. Blake started attending Buchanan High school his freshman year and got into marching band as he continued playing the trumpet from elementary, junior high and now high school. Blake also played in symphonic band and Jazz band. Blake loved music so much he learned to play the guitar and bass and started playing in the youth group band at New Hope. When Blake was a junior we made a tough decision to move to be closer to family. Blake attended Ponderosa High School where he quickly signed up for marching band and attended a church to get involved in their youth group. Although it was not New Hope, he did his best to fit in make friends and move on. Blake's senior year he said, " I think I want to go to Fresno State". We were so ecstatic! He applied and got in. Blake's future plans are to attend Fresno State in the Fall and March in their marching band. Blake is also excited to return to New Hope and be a part of the New Hope Family once again. While realizing how much we all loved Clovis as a family we decided to move back. We are so happy for Blake and can not wait to see what the future holds. We love the fact that he is strong in his faith and continues to hold on to that in wherever he goes. Blake, we are so proud not only of your achievements but the amazing person you have become. We are grateful God blessed us with the opportunity to raise you and love you. We are proud to be your parents. May you gain a deeper sense of yourself and your purpose through Christ. 
We love you always,
Mom and Dad
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John Mansfield is graduating from Buchanan High School this June. While at Buchanan, John was an Honor Roll student, a 2 year member of the CUSD Fire Fighting ROP Class, and played on the Varsity Basketball Team. He also participated in Unified Basketball, where he played alongside his special needs peers (one of his favorite parts about his basketball career at BHS). One of John's favorite memories of High School was attending Monday night Youth Group at New Hope and Wildwood camp in the summer and his passions are hunting, fishing and spending time up in the mountains. John will attend Fresno City College in the fall, where he will major in Fire Science to pursue his dream of becoming a Fire Fighter. We are so proud of this young man. Congratulations, John!
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Jon finished High School online 6 months ahead of his graduating class. Since then, he has been working and attending Clovis Community waiting for his peers to catch up. Jon is a fun-loving, full of life type of guy. He always knows how to light up a room or cheer up his friends. Jon started attending New Hope as a kid with his friend and (eventually) brother, Noah. Jon loves going out with his friends, trying out the latest fashion trends, getting those perfect pics and loving on his 2 adorable nieces. Jon plans to finish up community college and transfer to a modeling college in Los Angeles to purse modeling. Congratulations, Jon!
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Ian started his education career at Cedarwood Elementary, moving up to Clark Intermediate and graduating from Clovis High School. While at Clovis High, Ian pitched for Courage Baseball. He loves, loves, loves Baseball. He was awarded Top 20 , FCA Senior Athlete of the Year, Scholar Athlete, Block C and CSF Lifetime Achievement. Ian is sweet, caring and funny. He always know how to roll with the punches especially dished by his youth leaders. If Ian isn’t playing baseball or hitting the books, he likes to hang out with his family and friends. Ian will be attending the honors program at Fresno City while also playing Baseball. Let’s Play Ball, Congratulations, Ian!
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Jordyn Pfalzgraff started her educational journey as a Red Bank Bobcat, then moved on to Clark Intermediate, and is graduating from Clovis High.  She was an active member in her school leadership program, where she was Class President for all 4 years, a selected 2 year member in Inter School Council, the Superintendent’s and Principal’s Inter Cultural Diversity Advisory Council, and was the student representative serving on the Clovis Unified Board.  Jordyn was also involved in FCA, Inspired, Dance Rep, Daisy Chain, and is a CSF Lifetime Member.  Outside of school, she loves to spend time with family and friends.  This fall, she will be attending Grand Canyon University to major in Communications with a minor in Psychology.  Jordyn hopes to possibly return to Clovis Unified someday to become a high school psychologist. Congratulations, Jordyn!
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Growing up, Jacob was energetic, happy and affectionate. He made friends wherever he went. Everyone in the family loves to be around Jacob and he always can make us smile and laugh. In elementary school his favorite subject was Science. In High School he enjoyed being in Ag.  He started to attend New Hope Around that time, and We watched Jacob grow and become excited about his relationship with the Lord. Jacob is a very hard worker and will overcome any obstacle in his way. We know that God has a great plan for his life! We’re so proud of you!
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Ayden has always been that child that was climbing things he wasn't supposed to. He has always kept us on our toes with his busybody personality. Ayden loves spending time with his friends and family. He loved helping with his great grandmother and was so loving and patient with her even when her dementia was at its worst. He loves building electronics and talking loudly on his xbox while playing with friends. He can't wait to go out and experience the world. He will be joining the California Conservation Corps this summer after graduation. We are so proud of him for overcoming many obstacles and graduating. We love him and pray for his success, peace, and happiness in his future. Congratulations, Ayden!
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Arianna is new to New Hope and we absolutely adore her. She is starting to step out of her comfort zone and was all signed up to attend her first mission trip and go to Mexico with the youth department. Arianna loves spending time with her family at the beach and with friends. She is Graduating from Clovis North High School and plans to pursue a Bachelor's in both Criminology & Psychology. Congratulations, Arianna!
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Cheyenne is graduating from Buchanan High School. While in high school, Cheyenne completed the C.A.R.T program studying Bio Technology and Bio Medicine. She also participated on the cheer square for several years. Cheyenne has the biggest heart and loves others, even those she doesn’t know well. She constantly strives to grow in her relationship with God and is a humble example to her peers. Cheyenne serves as a vocalist on the Student Worship Team. She is self motivated and works very very hard to accomplish her goals. She loves spending time with friends and family. Cheyenne will be attending Fresno City College in the fall and plans to transfer to Fresno State with the goal to become a nurse practitioner. Congratulations, Cheyenne! We’re so Proud of You!