Where Faith Meets Family
New Hope Community Church in Clovis California

Where Faith Meets Family

Dear Bride and Groom,

   We are pleased that God has blessed you with the joy and satisfaction of love and that your relationship has matured to the place of making a lasting commitment to each other.
   As pastor and people, we rejoice that you have chosen this Church for such a great event in your lives. We consider it an honor to be invited to share in your wedding.
   Those who choose a church for their wedding know the importance of meaningful ceremony and the necessity of music that is honoring to God, as well as the other details that are in keeping with Worship service. We pray that you will make Christ the focal point of your wedding day, as we pray you will make him the focal point of your marriage. Only in Christ can you find a truly meaningful and fruitful life together.
   Planning ahead is important to a smooth wedding. This page is designed to help you with that planning. Please read it in its entirety so that you will be informed regarding arrangements, customs and traditions, costs and courtesies.
   We look forward to your wedding day and will do our best to make it all you have ever hoped it would be. It is our desire that your wedding be a beautiful and cherished memory for you and for every member of your families.

Cordially in Christ,
– Pastoral Staff

Wedding Decorations

We have some wedding decorations available for your use if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity. There is no additional charge for the use of these. Available are aisle decorations, candlestick holders and Unity Candle holders (you provide the candles).

Wedding Aisle Decor Unity Candle Holders Communion Accessories