About This Ministry

NHCC is proud to announce that over 27% of its donations goes directly towards outreach ministries!

Local Missions & Outreach

Homeless Outreach

WHAT: An outreach ministry to the homeless.
WHY: To mobilize the church to take an active role in being the hands and feet of Jesus.
HOW: By encouraging believers to live out their faith by providing them with a tangible way to serve the community in which they live.
WHO: The Body of Christ (all ages with an emphasis on families with children)

“Loving God means Loving people and Loving people means making a difference for God.” ~ Denver Moore

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Prison Outreach Ministries

Whether it’s behind the prison doors or with recently released parolees, New Hope plays a vital role in introducing prisoners back into life outside of their cells. There are many ways in which we can assist in this area of ministry. From writing letters, monthly visits, annual Angel Tree outreach, donating clothes, or leading groups are just a few of the many areas of involvement. From Prison Fellowship to “Welcome Home”, your involvement can be a real blessing to others.
If you are interested please contact Janice Little: 559-217-0954

The Actis Family

The Actis family in 2010 was called by God to the mission field abroad and have been serving ever since. New Hope sponsors them and helps send others who are interested in helping spread the Gospel in Africa through the Actis’ Family calling and ministry there. The Actis family opens their home to anyone who feels the heart or calling to serve and spread the Gospel to the people of Uganda, Africa


1040i is a ministry focused on providing water, health and education in the Ivory Coast of Africa (10° latitude, 40° longitude). Our New Hope family has sponsored, and sent people to the Ivory Coast since 2007. During this time, New Hope has partnered with 1040i to adopt a small village in the bush called “Nionan”. We have built 3 dorms, a cantina, several wash facilities, and have constructed the very first library in this area, complete with solar laptops and sustainable lifestyle education.
If you would like to be a part of this amazing journey, contact the New Hope office (559) 297-7362.